Create Gmail

Create gmail account in simple steps, just go to the following link, Here we must complete the form that is presented.

There is no doubt, that Gmail is the most popular messaging service.
Creating Gmail is very easy, once you have the form on the main page,, click on the Create Account button, enter the corresponding data of the form, at the end you will have the google email account created.

create gmail

History Gmail

The Gmail story, started when a person named Paul Buchheit, started to take it as a future project, this same person developed software, they only knew of the project the people who work in the same company (Google).

With little space storage in their presentation in 2004, they announced that the program was going to expand exponentially. And so it was.


Create Gmail and take advantage of its services to the maximum

When you create Gmail or register, you automatically access multiple functions, not only take advantage of the email services, such as the Gmail email. The multiple functions I was talking about, Google Maps, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, YouTube.

Gmail is available in a variety of languages, in this way, you will realize the power that Gmail has to achieve, all the locations in the world.

It is necessary to clarify that Gmail has worked a lot with respect to the security, for consequent, improving the security, it puts like serious candidate to be the electronic mail number one in the world.

The user will always be backed up with their personal files and information.

Remember that the registration process of this type, only reaches with steps to do so. We just have to continue with the instructions that appear.


Create Gmail email

Simple steps and we will finish the task very fast. We will visit the Gmail site, and there we will follow the brief steps to register.

1 Start by following the link

2 While in the main screen, click on the Create account section, then we must complete the form that is presented.

3 We only have to enter the data, name, surname and username.

4 The next step will be the password of your account, remember it easily to avoid forgetting it, followed by the date of birth, sex, phone number and the country of residence.

Clarify that the Gmail account is not the same as Gmail, With the Gmail account, remotely, a user has the possibility to use the Google service, such as: Google Drive, Calendar, Analytics, Talk, Maps, etc. Gmail is the email service of Google.

The inbox that Gmail offers, for more information the inbox is the first thing that appears when we start session, here are the current emails. It’s so easy to manage with Gmail, you will not have problems when you do it, it’s just a matter of doing it.

Sign in email Gmail

The first thing we have to do is go to the official Gmail site, then we go to the following link When entering the site, we must enter the username Gmail mail, and then click on next.

Follow the password, remember when we wrote it before, when creating Gmail.

Now, we will see the email inbox.

When we finish, we will have finished. If we want to enter YouTube, Google+, Drive, etc, it will not be necessary to re-enter.

Advantages of using Google’s Gmail email

create gmail app
Gmail is a free service, create an account you will without problems. It will be easy to use the interface, since it adapts very well to the user. Choosing the operations to perform for any user is always easy.  If you need help, Gmail’s customer service support is comprehensive.

You can store your files, such as images, documents, etc. The capacity of store that gives you Gmail extends up to 15 GB, totally free. You can use the Purchase service if you want more space.

When you create an account in Gmail, you automatically get access to multiple Google functions, such as: Google Drive, Calendar, Maps, Google Docs, YouTube,Google Plus, Hangouts (to chat with other people).

If you have a company, you can obtain a mail address  electronic with the name you prefer, it would be like this:
If you do not have an online connection, Gmail gives you the option to use it Offline, that is, there is a application from Google that works with Chrome, that you can manage your operations without having access to the internet.

If you have an Android operating system, Gmail has a mobile application developed to all users who have this operating system. If you have iOS, Gmail also It has a mobile application.
Gmail, is the most used electronic mail service of the moment, what was previously said describes the power that this service has.

Disadvantages of opening a Gmail account for companies

If you want to have a domain for your company, you can not put the name you want, you will be limited, because to choose your own you will have to access the payment option.

Gmail has an anti spam protection with many pretensions, so much so that when we have emails that are not considered spam, we send them to unwanted emails and we can not see an email that we expect.
There are mobile applications or programs that are not compatible with this style of email service.